“All was lost
the machinations of man, decayed and forgotten.
But from the dust shall rise a light
renewed, a beacon of hope or of terror.
A kingdom reborn, reshaped, re-imagined,
its rulers ever so benevolent or malevolent.”

This campaign takes place 200 years after the events of the 2.5 (!) year campaign entitled “Blood, Death, and Secrets.” With the impending apocalypse thwarted and the threat of utter annihilation all but forgotten, the world has hammered out an existence relying on strength of arms, keen intellect, and raw ingenuity.

The PCs are a group of aspiring nobles, monarchs, or other such positions of power. A fledgling kingdom calls for a new city to lessen the population and resource burden on its tiny capital. And the PCs quickly find themselves going from a scouting party to a ruling party.

What will the future hold for the party? Will they rule meticulously from a palace on a hill, or will adventuring supplant authority as the primary goal?

- This campaign uses the kingdom building rules outlined in the Pathfinder Kingmaker campaign book #2 "Rivers Run Red.

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